The ministry of language instruction includes English and German. This involves leading two conversational lessons per day in groups of five to fifteen campers with two teachers. Beginner level groups will be supplied a translator. Your personal testimony is a large part of the language teaching ministry. Minimum requirement: 18 years of age. We encourage people with life experience to apply, married or single.


Sport coaches give instruction to campers in soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, disc golf, or American football. If you are a coach or have special training in any of these areas, please let us know.


This ministry could include such things as heavy and light construction and maintenance, painting, landscaping, clean-up and equipment repair. Minimum age: 16 years, depending upon the work being done. Youth groups should be accompanied by one adult for every five youth.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT lynette circle AT lynettecircle@wol.ORG


JUNE 20 - 26


7 - 12 years


English, Soccer, Baseball


JULY 18 - 24


12 - 19 years


English, Soccer, Volleyball


JUNE 27 - JULY 03


7 - 12 years


English, Soccer, Baseball


JULY 25 - 31


12 - 19 years


English, Basketball, Volleyball, Football


JULY 04 - 10


10 - 14 years


English, Basketball, Baseball


AUGUST 01 - 07


12 - 19 years


English, Volleyball, Baseball


JULY 11 - 17


10 - 14 years


English, Basketball, Volleyball, Crafts


The following materials are intended to help you get the proper information out to the English teachers on your team. All of the materials are listed below and can be downloaded in PDF format to be printed out and distributed to your team members.

Please take the time to read through all of the following information.

If you have any questions regarding English camp, please feel free to email Lynette Circle at

Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting your team organized for this missions trip! We anticipate a great summer of ministry and are excited that you and your team will have a part in it.


Arrival & Departure

Due to the nature of our camp schedule and new teams arriving and departing each week, we sometimes experience an "overlap" situation with a limited number of rooms.  Therefore, we ask that your team plan to arrive at Word of Life on Saturday, and plan your departure for the following Saturday. It might be necessary to book a room in Budapest for any extra days you will be here. Recommended hotel information is provided under Hotels.  We will do our very best to help you make these arrangements.  We thank you for understanding this situation.


Breakfast and dinner are very light meals. Generally, they consist of bread, cold cuts or cheese, and hot tea. Lunch is the big meal of the day. The Hungarian food that you will eat may be very different than what you are used to eating. Please be careful about criticizing the food, because the kids to whom you are ministering eat this kind of food! There is a snack shack that sells sodas, chips, candy bars, ice-cream, etc. In addition, there are several small stores that are within walking distance.

Hotels & Sightseeing

Please keep in mind that your accommodation will include Saturday, the day before camp begins, through the end of camp the following Saturday morning.  We are unable to guarantee your housing before or after this time frame.  If you would like to arrange a longer stay, or you need assistance in making a hotel reservation for additional days and nights in Hungary, please contact our Guest Services Department (

What to Bring

  • Bible

  • Slippers

  • Long pants and sweatshirt(s)

  • Insect repellent

  • Personal toiletries

  • Bathing suit (Guys - boxer style, Ladies - one piece)
  • Towel - bath towels are provided but you may want to bring one of your own as we don’t give a new towel for every day; beach towels are not provided
  • European outlet adapters for phone and other appliance chargers. Most phone chargers and computers work with our voltage, you only need to bring adapters like THESE
  • European adapter for hair dryers or straighteners (make sure your adapter is strong enough to cover the wattage of your appliance); we do have a hair dryer in most of the castle rooms

Room accommodation for you and your team will be mainly in the castle.  If we are unable to accommodate you in the castle, we may need to put you up in our dormitory.


Castle Accommodation:  The rooms will be private to semi-private.  Some rooms have a full bath in the room, and some have bath facilities just across the hallway.

See images HERE

Camp Program


This is the teen's week program from last year. Even though this years program will have some changes in it, it will be very similar to this one.

How to Dress

Here at Word of Life, we strive to represent Christ in our behavior, lifestyle, and dress. For this very reason we ask that our staff, as well as our volunteers, dress in a way that is traditionally characteristic of both men and women. In general, we ask every camp volunteer, as well as staff member, to dress in a conservative manner, in a way that would not cause anyone to stumble, but that would be an example for all those that are serving, the parents, and the campers. Let us pay attention that our clothing is clean and that we refrain from clothing with any anti-Christian writing as well as anything that would be considered immoral.

It is impossible in a few guidelines to cover every detail, so we ask that in the area of dressing and appearance you pay attention to the camp leaders who are always ready to help if you have any questions.

Click HERE to download our dress code!


Room and Board: Our costs for room and board generally run about $300 per week / person. Please be kind as to consider giving a volunteer donation to help us cover these expenses.

Airport pick up / drop off: These costs can be divided by the number of travelers in the car, van, or bus.

 - $50 per car trip (max 2 people with luggage)

 - $60 per van trip (3-8 people with luggage)

 - Approximately $260 for bus rental per trip (a group of more than 8 might require a bus rental if we don't have the needed vehicles available)​

Other: You may also want to consider bringing money for snacks, postcards, souvenirs, doing laudry, etc. (about $30-$50)

Upon your arrival at the airport, each team member should withdraw or exchange whatever they need for the camp week at the airport.  The simplest way to get money at the airport and in Budapest is through the ATM machine.  Please know that bank card rates are generally better than exchanging cash. If your team tours Budapest and the surrounding areas, there will be ATM machines and places to exchange more money for meals, shopping, and transportation.


It is a requirement that all Americans who serve with us on a short term basis must be covered through our Supplemental Insurance provided through Brotherhood Mutual. This insurance can be purchased for a minimal cost and includes things like a hospital admission advance, dispatch of a doctor or specialist, medical monitoring, foreign legal access, lost document replacement, emergency cash advances, emergency family travel arrangement assistance, a security crises center, and political evacuation.

If you have been confirmed to serve in our summer camp, staff member, Annie Jakab, will be sending you information later in the spring regarding your application for insurance for your time with us.  You must apply for this insurance no later than 30 days prior to your arrival. If you have further questions after receiving the insurance information from us, please contact Annie at



If you'd like to receive some physical copies of our 2020 Camp Report, please contact Mihály Ágoston at


Learn more about how you can be a part of our ministry! 

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